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Energetic Music Virtuoso GTapzy: Unveiling the Melodic Journey of LyricalGuitar


In the bustling world of music, where talents emerge and melodies entwine with emotions, there stands a dynamic and energetic performer named GTapzy, known as LyricalGotitar. Hailing from the serene kanke Local Government of Plateau State, Nigeria, this musical maestro has captured hearts with his entrancing performances and captivating compositions. Under the guidance of Asmour Worldwide, GTapzy's star is on the rise as he prepares to release his highly anticipated song "Kemuna" featuring the talented Dex Dee on the 3rd of September. With a reputation for being one of the best performers in the city of Jos, GTapzy's journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for music.

The Man Behind the Music: Gideon Ibrahim Tapposhak

At the core of the captivating melodies lies a talented individual whose real name is Gideon Ibrahim Tapposhak. This musical prodigy, widely known by his stage names GTapzy LyricalGotitar, has been crafting his musical identity from a young age. Raised in Kanke, Plateau State, GTapzy's upbringing was infused with the rich cultural heritage and musical traditions of Nigeria.

Early Beginnings and Musical Influences

GTapzy's journey into the world of music began at an early age when he discovered his love for playing the guitar. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, and R&B, he began to create a unique fusion of sounds that resonated with a wide audience. His exposure to both local and international music played a pivotal role in shaping his musical style.

The Asmour Worldwide Connection

GTapzy's partnership with Asmour Worldwide has proven to be a turning point in his musical career. The management's guidance and support have enabled him to refine his craft, expand his reach, and showcase his talents on a larger stage. This collaboration has facilitated his growth as an artist and has set the stage for his upcoming releases.

The Anticipated Release: "Kemuna" featuring Dex Dee

Fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the release of GTapzy's new track, "Kemuna," featuring the gifted artist Dex Dee. With a release date set for the 3rd of September, this song promises to be a harmonious blend of their unique styles and creative energies. As GTapzy continues to push the boundaries of musical innovation, "Kemuna" is anticipated to be a testament to his evolution as an artist.

The Powerhouse Performer of Jos

GTapzy has established himself as one of the best-performing musicians in the vibrant city of Jos. His energetic and captivating performances have enthralled audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the local music scene. His ability to connect with his audience through music and stage presence has earned him a loyal following.

In the heart of Nigeria's musical landscape, GTapzy, known as  LyricalGotitar, shines as a testament to the power of dedication, passion, and talent. From his early beginnings in Pankshin to his partnership with Asmour Worldwide, GTapzy's journey is a harmonious blend of cultural influences and musical innovation. As the world awaits the release of "Kemuna," featuring Dex Dee, GTapzy's evolution as an artist continues to inspire and captivate, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of music.

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